Alternative payments

The Worldpay Global payments report (Nov 2015), values the global ecom market in 2015 as $1.9trn. Of that, the standard card market (credit, debit, charge cards) forms $1trn, forecasted to grow at 5% to 2019. The “alternative” payment sector, currently valued at $899bn, is forecast to grow by 50% to 2019, to $1.3trn. As big as this market is, the unmet demand is widely acknowledged to be significantly higher due to global financial inclusion challenges, frustrating merchants who cannot monetize content.


Quikpay is Billon’s product for fast online transactions. One Click Payment means no popups, no username, no password, no forms to fill in. Zero friction. Using Billons blockchain technology, Quikpay makes small online payments possible at a realistic pricing level, opening up a whole new revenue stream for sellers. Funds are transferred instantly from customer to merchant, with no settlement delays. Crucially, with funds physically held on a users phone and physically moved, its like having cash. Fraud and chargebacks become historical concepts.


QuikAccount uses its proprietary technology, Billon solves the problem around account provision. With a fast online signup (< 2 minutes), users have an immediate “lite” current account on their smartphone, enabling them to be paid via bank transfer, top up via debit card, extract cash via a network of agents (and ATMs in Poland), and spend with participating sellers. Whether unbanked individuals, migrant workers, young people, those with no credit history or permanant address - all can have it. Critically, Billon can provide this account at almost zero cost, using regulatory compliant blockchain technology, and real currency eg. £ (not bitcoin etc…).


QuikLoan builds on the QuikAccount product, to provide Billons showcase for issuing loans. Its the fastest way of getting cash to someone without the security risks, costs or logistical challenges involved in physical cheques or cash.


QuikRemit is Billons showcase product for remittance. using a smartphone its the fast way of sending local funds instantly to someone abroad. Local currency, held as eMoney in a Billon QuikAccount can be sent instantly and free to any QuikRemit user abroad. That user can exchange the received funds to their own currency at a time of their choosing, and then withdraw them at local ATMs or Cash out networks, depending on the country.

Partner Opportunities

Billon, through its platform and product offerings, gives our partners a unique advantage in the markets they're targeting. Partners are able to build their own products on the Billon Platform, using Billons own showcase products as a start point, or starting afresh with a whole new business angle. Whether targeting an existing customer base or attacking a new user segment, Billon enables partners to go to market at a massively reduced cost, with a product thats truly ahead of the game.