Banking & Financial Institutions

Business Sandbox

What is it?

“Sandbox” gives the opportunity to „touch and feel” blockchain technology and review possible business cases before entering full scale cooperation with Billon. Technology Sandbox is 6-12 months techno-consulting project. It allows a Financial Institution to lower the entering barrier for new technologies usage by giving the possibility to get familiar with opportunities it delivers.

How does it work?

Within Sandbox project a Financial Institution has access to existing Billon’s infrastructure, products and environment. May test all current use cases, play with parameters and tune processes. A company has also possibility to draft new solutions, that fit its internal requirements. Creating products or services, which base on Billon technology does not require a full integration with Billon system or unjustified changes in the company existing IT infrastructure.

Market potential (who could be interested)

Billon Sandbox was created with Financial Institutions on mind. For highly regulated companies with increase security standards any technology change is a big item. In the same time, competition is fierce and technology is one of the main strength that influence success. Sandbox gives the opportunity to touch, check and understand Blockchain and Distributed Ledger used as a base for Billon Platform without disruption in internal IT set-up. The project addresses natural resistance against alternative solutions by allowing for verification of Billon’s utility for existing challenges without risk and high costs. In result, any large, mid-size or small financial institution who understands that, to stay on the market technology development is a must, is potential client for Billon Sandbox.

Sandbox includes:
  • Education element with introduction to Billon’s platform and general overview on Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technology and existing world of alternative payments;
  • Technical support that give access to Billon’s testing environment, APIs, and existing Billon’s common functionality (WWW & mobile demo, testing);
  • Product definition part where, with Billon specialists support, the Financial Institution defines and creates a mock-ups of new products and services on Billon platform. Base on these Billon works on products prototyping.

Within Sandbox Billon delivers all necessary trainings and assure the access to internal Documentation Library.


Sandbox gives unique chance to see Blockchain technology in use in regulated, financial environment. The project permits for smooth on boarding process of all necessary participants who are require to implement a new technology within business environment. What is more important, an ability to create a solution for existing challenges proves value of this new technology. Design of commercial solution, including distribution and sales model could be a solid background for a successful business case.

How can you make money?

The revenue model generally depends on a type of products/services created on Billon platform. There are, however, few common elements for all Billon based solutions that brings value to financial model:

  • Low cost infrastructure, not dependable from scale of operation;
  • Limited costs of customers’ service;
  • Significant reduction or elimination of third party costs (intermediaries like: SWIFT or a clearing house);
  • Float on accounts connected with Billon application.