Billon Frequently Asked Questions

What is Billon?

Billon is simply a better bank account created on specialized blockchain technology. Rather than keeping your money tied down behind firewalls of banks' server rooms, we have used distributed ledger technology to digitise paper cash into electronic eMoney blockchain files that can safely be stored on your phone, tablet or PC. It is fully interconnected with exiting banking system, and we support major European currencies: EUR, GBP and PLN.

It is faster, cheaper, safer and it is already part of Internet cloud, so you can do things that were simply impossible to do with your old, legacy core banking system.

How does the cash get into a Billon

There are two options to transfer money into a Billon account. Through a standard bank transfer – Each user is provided with a unique account number that they can transfer money to – or for users who don’t have a bank account, through bricks-and-mortar cash desks with a special barcode provided to a user via their Billon based app.

Can Billon user withdraw money from
an ATM?

Yes. The Billon platform enables users to transform e-money back to paper cash through an ATM withdrawal. Users are provided with a special code via their app, that allows ATM withdrawal without having any type of card.

How can a merchant collect payment
with Billon?

Using the Billon platform, merchants can collect payments for any type of offered goods or services. This also applies to charities and other donations. Merchants only need to install the relevant app on their computer, tablet or a smartphone and inform clients about accepting Billon based payments (e.g. though installing the appropriate payment button on their website)

Is settlement in a real time?

Yes. Seconds after the transfer is confirmed by the paying side, the money arrives in the Billon account of the receiving side of the transfer.

What is even better, there are no chargebacks! If you are running a business imagine what it means for you to have your money immediately and without the worry about keeping your hard earned money. So for you getting paid via Billon is like getting paid via cash!